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About Mark


I believe creativity and humor are important elements to use in therapy.  I encourage you to bring all the empowering elements of your life into the therapy room. 

I began my journey helping people over twenty years ago as an openly gay,  progressive minister in the United Church of Christ.   One of my greatest honors in ministry was being invited to sit with a person in their pain.  They trusted me to hold their pain and offer them comfort.  I came to a point in my pastoral journey when I wanted a deeper understanding of human behavior and gain more professional training to provide emotional and spiritual care to people and families in chaos and pain.    My spiritual background and scientific curiosity allows me to offer multiple modalities of care that can be focused purely on secular research or create a treatment plan where your spiritual beliefs can be infused with scientific research.


I want to assure you, no matter what your beliefs or non beliefs are, I will treat you with respect and provide you with the most up to date care. 


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